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Gareth Wild recently completed a quest to park in every spot at his local grocery store in Bromley, a suburb of London. But did any of them park in every single spot of their local grocery store? Maybe they would have, given the chance and the existence of a Publix or Tesco. Instead the feat was achieved by Gareth Wild, a 39-year-old production director who assiduously took up space, in one spot after another at the local Sainsbury’s of his London suburb, until he had used 211 parking spots over six years. “If you do anything small, or a little thing over a long period of time, it doesn’t feel like too much,” Mr. Wild said. “Then you put it together and suddenly you’re being interviewed by people for your car parking exploits.” Mr. Wild finished his unusual project this week, drawing notice from the BBC , The Guardian and other news organizations after he wrote about his “ magnum opus ” on Twitter. In an interview from his home in Bromley, Mr. Wild said his car park designs began in 2015, when in the course of regular shopping, he thought to make a game of it. At first, he thought he would keep a log of which spaces he parked in. But he caught himself: “I thought, ‘No! What are you doing! You’ve got loads of time on your hands, why don’t you try and get in each one.’” So trying to park in every spot became the game. “When you’re going there it’s generally quite a banal thing, so at least you’ve got something to keep you entertained,” he said. The project was not just idle ambition. He made a plan, and a spreadsheet. “I had to get some sort of numbering system in place,” he said. Rather than going on foot to count spaces — “I thought that might give off a weird vibe” — he captured an overhead view with Google Maps, he said. He divided the area into lettered sections, color-coded it and assigned numbers to spots. “I quickly identified the ones that were in high demand,” he said, and planned to seek those out first.

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